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Friday, 2 September 2016


I have always had quite sensitive skin but never particularly dry. Over the past year or so, my skin has become a lot more dry and I often get really itchy legs (yucky- I know!). I had just been using average moisturising lotions for a long time and finding no positive results from them. This is when I discovered the Aveeno range!

My Mum and I had just got back from a beautiful sunny week in Gran Canaria and as you do to 'top up the tan' she sat out in the garden and managed to get quite burnt on her arms (she didn't think she needed suncream in the UK in April after a week in Gran Canaria- she was wrong, always wear sun protection!!). It had started to blister and become very sore so she went into the pharmacy in Boots and the pharmacist actually recommended to put Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion on the sore patches. She did just this and it cleared up really well and super fast with no irritation! This is when I knew I had to try it!

I'm not going to lie and say I moisturise my body every night after bathing or showering, because I don't! I am super lazy with things like this and find it really tedious! I do try to use it once every few days to keep my skin super soft and itch free and it works a treat! This moisturiser is made with naturally active colloidal oatmeal, so it is perfect for even the most sensitive skin. Again- I wont lie and say this has a nice scent or anything, because it doesn't smell of fresh flowers and pretty things at all (it actually just smells like oats in my opinion). However, once it is absorbed, I can't smell it strongly on my skin at all.

I used to suffer with very dry and sometimes chapped hands in the colder months, but now this is more of an all year round battle. I work in a Pre-school so I am constantly washing my hands or using hand sanitisers which is probably the reason for my dry hands. I then found that in the range of amazing Aveeno products, they also do hand creams! I usually go for the skin relief one which is for very dry and chapped hands. It's such a rich consistency but absorbs really nicely leaving my hands silky soft! I love putting a generous amount of this all over my hands and cuticles before I go to bed so that when I wake up they feel soft as a blanket!

Abbie x

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