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Friday, 9 September 2016

How I Wash My Makeup Brushes

Washing makeup brushes is the worst job, right? I always used to put it off so much which is disgusting, I know! I used to wash my brushes with a normal soap and water and just swirl them in the palm of my hand. This was always very time consuming as I'd rinse them to find there was still product in them and have to repeat the process a few times on each brush. I knew you could get little brush cleaning tools like this Real Techniques one I have, but back then, this particular one were not out yet and the only ones available were so expensive for what seems like just a bit of bobbley rubber. 

I got the Real Techniques one and I have never regretted it or looked back- it's fab! It takes me over half the time to wash my brushes which makes it so much more bearable and i've finally stopped putting off this used to be horrible job. I love that this palette has different sized bobbles for different sized brushes. This means you can really get in there and scrub them clean!

I now use baby shampoo to wash my brushes as it's gentle on the brushes and also your skin (it also smells beautiful!). Firstly, I squeeze a dollop of the shampoo onto the palette and dampen the brush. I then swirl the brush around the palette depending on the size of the brush, add a bit of water and carry on swirling till the water runs clean and that is literally it! So much easier than any other method i've ever used and my brushes always come out looking so fresh and clean!

Abbie x


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