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Thursday, 1 September 2016

They keep creating beauties!

I have been a lover of Apple since I got my first Iphone a few years back. I guess they are a bit like marmite as some people love them and some are more on the Android side.
I have also adored my beloved Ipad for many a years and therefore never thought I would need/want a Macbook-oh how wrong I was!!
When I saw Apple had brought out a rose gold edition of the macbook- I was sold! 

I'm not usually a gadgets kinda girl but I had it in my head for a few weeks after seeing it (a little like when you see that pair of shoes or handbag whilst shopping but refrain from buying there and then). 
I decided it had been on my mind long enough to know I desperately needed a rose gold Macbook in my life (why do they produce these items in pretty colours?!). I am pretty certain they have probably sold a load more of these beauties since bringing them out in such gorgeous colours so well done Apple, you sucked me in with your pretty pinkness!!

When I went into store to get my hands on this beautiful creation, I was told I was getting a free pair of beats headphones as well (went for rose gold in these too of course!!). WIN!
This is an offer they have on at the moment where if you buy a Macbook, Iphone or Ipad pro, you bag yourself a pair of Beats!
Again- I have never been one to spend lots of money on things like headphones and the Apple ones that come with Iphones etc have always been good enough for me. They are still perfect for portability but I can definitely say the sound quality of the Beats is something else!

I now need to go on a spending ban! (slightly difficult as online shopping is now so much more pleasant when done on a pretty laptop ;))

Are you on the Apple side or the android/windows side?

Abbie x

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