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Friday, 19 May 2017

Mid Week Break- Bristol & Bath

Back in December, my Fiance and I visited Bristol and Bath for their Christmas Markets. It was a lovely weekend away and we really loved both places (it was our first time visiting them both). However, being near Christmas and having all the famous Christmas Markets around, it was extremely busy and we didn't get to see a lot of each place. We said we'd definitely come back at some point maybe in the Summer.

May 17th was my Fiances birthday so we decided to take a few days off work, book a hotel and go back to Bristol for one day and onto Bath the next. On our day in Bristol we mainly did shopping as the weather was terrible and rained practically all day! We went to a shopping center just outside of Bristol which was really good. We then got back to our Hotel, got ready for the evening and headed out for a meal. When we came to Bristol last year we discovered ZaZa Bazzare and loved it so we had already decided that was where we would go for his birthday meal and it definitely satisfied our cravings we'd had ever since we left after our visit back in December!! We definitely ate waaaay too much though!

On our second day we headed into Bath. It was a much sunnier and warmer day which we were both super happy about! We had such a lovely day wandering around the town and actually being able to walk around reasonably freely without the massive crowds we experienced on our previous visit!
Places like Bath just make me feel so relaxed and happy and I always wish that one day I'll live in a beautiful City like that but I think I'll be saving my pennies for a lifetime!!
I just love Cities that are full of character and old buildings! Where I live seems super boring and has no history compared to places like Bath!

I'm now back to work and hoping to plan another little trip in the near future!

Abbie x


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  1. Bath looks lovely! I've only ever seen it via train journeys through the window haha!Would definitely like to go one day. Looks like you had a nice time :)


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