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Sunday, 26 February 2017

How To Get Silky, Shiny Hair

Every girl wants shiny, sleek and healthy looking hair, right? I know it's something i've always been trying to achieve. A few of my friends have naturally really soft and super shiny hair that just catches the light. I've never really had that kind of hair- it just isn't my hair type.
My hair is quite frizzy and coarse and I have a lot of it!! I used to have pretty dark hair (dyed) and that is probably the most shiny it had looked. I then began bleaching the ends of my hair to create a balayage look and this seemed to really take any shine I did have, away. It didn't look very healthy and almost looked a bit straw like.

I am always swapping and changing my hair care routine and products because as mentioned in previous hair posts, I don't often find a shampoo and conditioner combo that I love enough to settle with. Sometimes, it's not even that as I have now found a few products I really like but I generally get bored and enjoy trying new products. Each time I need to repurchase, I usually try something new because I just like trying new things!

I recently had a bad experience with a Kerastase product which left my hair feeling really weighed down and super greasy (which is strange because I usually love Kerastase and I actually purchased the same products that my hairdresser uses on my hair). Anyway, that's another story! Basically, I was a bit miffed that I'd spent all that money on a 'higher end' hair product and it just wasn't working for me. So, I went into superdrug and was on a mission for a cheap shampoo, conditioner combo. I ended up going for the L'oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Luminiser combo as it was dead cheap and the 'high shine' promise jumped out to me!
I have almost finished both the shampoo and conditioner and can honestly say I have loved using them. I totally saw a difference in the appearance of my hair. It was super soft, felt really clean and most importantly, was really shiny (without looking greasy!). I just find that my hair looks really healthy and glowy in all lights and it has definitely taken away that dull look I had before. It smells great, lasts a long time and is always on offer in places like Superdrug.
This is another of my holy grail hair products. I have repurchased this many times and been through numerous bottles of this stuff! Again, I have a bit of an obsession with trying new hair products, so I have tried many different hair serums and oils, but this is by far the best one in my opinion. I love that when my hair is feeling a bit frizzy, dry and brittle, I can run some of this through the ends of my hair and it instantly transforms the feel of my hair. It feels soo super soft and again, makes my hair really shiny and healthy looking. I also sometimes use this on my damp hair before blow drying to keep my hair cuticles sealed and my hair looking sleek.

So there it is! Those are my favourite products at the moment for keeping my hair looking shiny and healthy!

What is your favourite hair product of all time? Let me know in the comments :)

Abbie x



  1. I'm always looking for a good shampoo and conditioner, so I may have to give these a go! They sound lovely! x

    1. Me too! They are great! It takes a lot to impress me with hair products but I have really enjoyed using these! x


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