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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Bath and Body Works Candle Dupes

I recently read a post on DizzyBrunette's blog about some candles she'd bought which were supposedly Bath and Body Works dupes. I'm still waiting for the day the UK opens a Bath and Body Works as I will be travelling there no matter how far away it is!! I am always on the hunt for nice candles that are perhaps a little cheaper than Yankee candles etc so the minute I saw these on Instagram and DizzyBrunette's post, I got myself straight down to B&M to try and find some! They didn't have many scents in my local store but I managed to find these two and will hopefully find some more in the near future!

These candles are £2.99!!! (Yeah, I know!!). I love how they look, (just like the Bath and Body Works ones) and I also love that they have a leafy print on the lid which makes them look a little more Autumnal! I don't think 'Lakeside' is an Autumn one but the leaf design on the lid is still pretty!

I will admit, I didn't have massive expectations for these at the price of £2.99 but they do actually smell pretty good! I don't feel like they smell as much as other more expensive candle brands but what can you expect for how little they cost! They still fill the room with a gorgeous smell and although my Fiance usually complains about my candles, he said that 'Lakeside' smelt quite nice (bonus!). I, like many other bloggers, am pretty bad at describing smells (why is it so hard to describe what we sense with our own nose?! haha). I'll give it a good go anyway so.... I would describe Lakeside as a very fresh smell. Marshmallow fireside is definitely a very sweet smell, almost a bit like toffee but it definitely has that bonfire/marshmallow toasting smell to it.

What is your all time favourite candle?

Abbie x



  1. I need to find these, these are so affordable and sound like great quality considering the low price tag.
    Thanks for the heads up, hopefully I can find these somewhere!
    Holly x |

    1. There's so many more scents that I really want to find that sound even better than these ones I got! I hope you can find some! x

  2. Your blog is so pretty - really want to get some of these!! Lauren -


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