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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Nirvana Spa

After having run a half marathon at the weekend, my Mum and I thought it was only right to treat ourselves to a relaxing spa day. We had the best day at Nirvana Spa and it really helped recharge me!

All of the staff were really helpful and lovely and we felt at home the minute we got there. There is nothing better than being somewhere where it is acceptable to lounge around in a fluffy robe all day long! We didn't book any treatments as we just wanted a day to relax and do our own thing. There was plenty to do without having a treatment which was great as we was a little worried we'd get bored just laying around all day (goodness knows why- it was bliss!!). We spent the whole day there, arriving at 9.30am and leaving at about 6.30pm. For the first half of our day we spent our time laying on lovely comfy sun loungers by a beautiful pool (totally forgot to get a picture, booooo!), and we also spent a bit of time in the outdoor pools and jacuzzis which were all heated and sooooo lovely!

With the day package, we were entitled to a buffet lunch and unlimited soft drinks/tea/coffee. I must admit, I'm not into salad so when I heard it was a salad bar I wasn't too excited. However, the food was absolutely gorgeous and there was so much to choose from including various salads, pasta, vegetables, noodles, fish and a hot food counter with turkey carvery and roast potatoes. It was the tastiest lunch i've had in a long time and it really inspired me to make myself healthier lunches at home. 

After lunch we ventured into the Tepidarium which is a candle lit, quiet room with heated stone loungers. This was one of my favourite bits as the warmth that just seeps through your body is the most calming and de-stressing feeling. The room was silent apart from the dripping of the water fountain in the middle of the room and the whole room smelt beautiful and just how you imagine spa's smell. We spent about an hour in this room continually dozing off into a peaceful state/light sleep and reading magazines as my whole body felt ache free and warm. 

My other favourite part of the day was the Surf Pool which was extremely welcome for my tired and achy muscles. The Surf Pool is a 53 Jet hydrotherapy pool at a temperature of 35 degrees. It was the perfect temperature and felt like I was walking into a lovely hot bath. The jets were obviously very helpful in massaging my tired, sore muscles. 

We was extremely lucky with the weather as it was beautifully warm by midday/afternoon and we was able to lay outside on some sun loungers and feel the warmth of the sun kiss our faces just one last time before the bitter, cold days arrive. A few people were extra brave and full on sunbathed in their swimwear but I stayed snug in my lovely soft robe and sipped my tea like a true Brit! 

Abbie x


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