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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Top 5 Autumn Nail Colours

I know everyone is probably so fed up of hearing it, but Autumn is my favourite season ever!! (hehe sorry, I just had to drop that statement in there one more time!!). I have been especially enjoying swapping and changing up my makeup and nail colour choices for Autumn. I recently did a post on my Top 5 Autumn Lip Colours so thought it was only right to share with you my Top 5 Autumn Nail colours.

No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour- Temptress
Now, this is an old favourtie of mine (don't worry, I did check that you can still get this and it is still available at Boots!). I first discovered this colour a few years back as I got a mini version in a freebie gift set. I loved it and used it so much through that Autumn/Winter, that I bought the full size version. This is a real vampy, deep red/burgundy/almost black colour! I like the consistency of these No7 polishes and they seem good quality and last a good few days chip free. This is probably the darkest nail polish I own but I love it!

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint- Blood Orange
This is a new favourite and I only purchased this a few weeks ago but have loved it! I wanted a new red nail polish for the Christmas season as you can never go wrong with red- (I think red lips and nails are so classy and sophisticated looking!) I have been a big lover of the Barry M Gelly range for a good few years and they never fail to disappoint. The wear is really good, lasting about 4-5 days (if I haven't done any house work haha!). As it is a gel effect polish, the colour pay off is great and even some of my lighter colours still only need the average two coats and you're ready to go!

Barry M Nail Paint- Grey
This is another really old favourite and I don't think you can still get this exact one. However, Barry M do have various grey colours in different ranges such as the Gelly range. I love a Grey nail polish as I think it can again, look really classy yet quite understated. I thought this was a good one to add into my favourites as a lot of people just think of burgundy and reds when it comes to Autumn. This colour is often very fitting with the weather here in the UK in Autumn/winter as we tend to have lots of dull days. Grey goes with the majority of my wardrobe which is filled with grey and black clothes and accessories!

Mavala- 244 Ruby
This is a gorgeous Autumn colour as it's a lovely pinky shade but not too summery. It is quite a dark pinky red and goes on the nails beautifully. Mavala polishes are a little on the pricier side but they are definitely worth it for the quality.

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint- Pomegranate
Are you sensing a theme here? Hahaha, what can I say? I do love me a bit of Barry M nail polish! I especially love the Gelly range as I love the shiny effect of Gel nails but don't always want to do proper UV cured Gels as they are quite damaging to my nails. This is a gorgeous pinky/red, not to dissimilar to the Mavala one. It is a great Autumn colour as its still girly and pink but a little deeper than barbie pinks.

There we go! Those are my Top 5 Autumn nail colours at the moment! I of course have many many more that could have made it into the top 5 and it was a pretty hard decision but I went with picking the ones I reach for the most :)

What is your favourite Autumn nail polish??

Abbie x


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