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Thursday, 20 April 2017


Wow- it's been a long time! I guess when I look back and see that my last post was on 15th March, I haven't really been gone for that long- but it just feels like ages ago that I sat and wrote a post! So yeah, here's a little update on what I have been up to!

Firstly, a little while after my last post I came down with Tonsilitis (a few days before I was due to run a Half Marathon that I had been training hardcore for-gutted!). I have never had Tonsillitis before and I was really quite poorly so I was told strictly by a Doctor to not run that weekend under any circumstances! I'm not the best runner and I can't say I ever enjoy doing it, but I was really disappointed I couldn't do it after all the training I'd done! I was also due to go on holiday the following weekend so I was kind of glad I was poorly when I was instead of missing out on my holiday or not being able to enjoy it. 
So yeah, the following week, my Mum and I set off to Gran Canaria for a week of sunshine, relaxation and cocktails (luckily, I finished my antibiotics the day before we went!!)- it was perfect!

 I had all these plans to do some blog posts about my holiday preparation in the week leading up to it, but I was obviously unwell so that didn't happen :(

Once I was back from my holiday, it was pretty much straight back to work and busy busy busy! I must admit, I thought about blogging and writing a post but I just haven't been able to find the time or be in the right mood to sit down and write. I need to sit down at some point and do some more planning as most of my plans I had for the past month or so have been and gone now! 

I am really looking forward to Summer as I brought a new camera a few months ago and I still haven't had much chance to use it as the weather has been miserable and I was finding getting blog photos really difficult as I work full time and it was always dark by the time I got home from work. I'm definitely ready to get back on it and hopefully have some decent blog posts on the way! 

Abbie x


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