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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Blueberry pancakes!

Every year when pancake day comes around I say 'we should make these more often', but then they always go wrong and I just end up getting grumpy!
I tried making the Jamie Oliver ones a few weeks back (they failed miserably and were so inedible I threw them straight in the bin and cooked something else).

Today after I came back from a 10 mile run, I really fancied some pancakes. My fiance looked for more recipes and found the BBC food one. I was so pessimistic about it saying 'they won't be nice-every time i've tried making them they always go wrong). Clearly he is a better cook than me as they turned out really well! We added some blueberries into our mix which was really tasty (and made us feel like we were being a teeny tiny bit more healthy ;)).
They were really quick to make and the ingredients needed were all basic things most people will have in their cupboards/fridge at home!

I will admit, the first one we did, went horribly wrong and ended up like a scrambled cake mix in the pan! We persevered and came up with these lovely light and fluffy blueberry pancakes which we topped with some maple syrup- delicious!!

Abbie x

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