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Friday, 2 September 2016

August beauty favourites

Hello September! I'm boring myself keep thinking or saying this but seriously how the heck is it September already?! It really does only feel like yesterday I was chinking glasses with my family saying 'HAPPY NEW YEAR!!'-crazy! Before we know it, it'll be Christmas (eeeek!).

Here's a little peek at what beauty products I have been loving over the month of August (I am aware the perfume isn't really in the 'beauty' category but shhh, it smells gorgeous!'.

I have loved this fragrance for a long time now (this is my second bottle). It is still the perfume I pick up every morning without fail. It's the kind of scent that smells strong enough without being overpowering and lasts all day. I always look for Eau de parfum as they tend to have the lasting power over eau de toilette sprays. When I first started using this fragrance, I got lots of compliments and people asking me what it was (this is always a good way to know a scent suits you ;)). You don't need to spray a lot for the smell to be strong enough- I tend to spray once on my neck and once on each wrist. 

Again- I have been using and loving this mascara for a good year now and still reach for this one over other mascaras in my drawer every day. I have repurchased this many times and I think it will continue to be a favourite of mine for a long time. I have tried other mascaras in between but always found something wrong with them and gone back to this one which for me personally, is faultless! I love the way this gives my lashes amazing length and volume all at the same time. It is also amazing at separating my lashes to really give me that true falsies effect. 

I hadn't ever got into highlight until a few months ago. I had various cheaper drugstore ones that were in a blush form (more pinky tones) but they never really worked for me. I am by no means amazing at doing makeup and I think I wasn't ever putting my highlight in the right places. I had seen lots of reviews on the Mac mineralize skin finish in soft and gentle but as I am quite fair skinned thought this may be a little too bronzy for me. I decided to try lightscapade and absolutely fell in love. It is the perfect shade for slightly paler skin tones but would also work for darker skin tones. It is the perfect amount of shimmer and I don't find that I end up looking like a disco ball like I have found with other highlights. A little does go a long way so this product will last agessss!

I got this for my birthday back in June and have pretty much used it every day since. I add one or two drops to my everyday moisturiser and mix the two together on the back of my hand. I then apply it to my face before makeup and it provides a beautiful glow that really does look like you have just stepped off of the plane from a week in a sunny country. If used every day, this will of course build up and you will start to get a better colour on your face. I have found that this gives me enough colour to brave going out with just a little concealer and powder without looking like a ghost. 

Again- I have had this brush for about a year now and have used it every day. (I apologise for the fact it isn't clean *slaps wrist*). I had always used the real techniques brushes- which don't get me wrong are still great and I do still use these too. However, this Zoeva brush is super soft, washes amazingly and blends foundation and concealer amazing- what more could you want?! I will continue to reach for this brush every day for a long time and I am hoping to get my hands on some more of the Zoeva collections (the rose gold ones are beautiful!!). 

Abbie x


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