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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Sensationail Collection

I have always loved doing my nails from a very young age. When I was just a little girl, I would love it when my Mum painted my nails for me and it was always a real treat! When I was about 10 years old, I was given a nail art book with instructions on how to create lots of different nail looks (my favourite was the snowman one!!). I used to sit in my room for hours painting my nails and doing different nail art. 

As I grew up I began to hate painting my nails and it seemed such a chore (plus I would always get told off for wearing it at school and asked to remove it, booooo!). When I started my job working in a pre-school, I found my nail polish would chip after one day of wear as I was doing more jobs like washing up etc. 

Since they came about, I had always taken an interest in gel nails but never been to get them done in a salon as they do come with a price tag a little too high for a student on minimum apprenticeship wage! A few years ago at Christmas I saw these Sensationail Gel Nail kits in boots for half price. I didn't buy one, or ask for one for Christmas as I was put off by the fact Gel Nails are known for leaving your nails a little ruined and dry! Last year, as usual, my Mum had been nagging me for ages asking me what I wanted from her for Christmas. I started to research and look at reviews for the Sensationail kits and as they were half price again on a black friday offer, I told my mum to just go for it. 

I must say, I didn't regret it! I have been a little lazy over the past few months and I have been super busy with work etc, so I haven't actually done myself a little Gel Mani in a few months. However, I love this kit and I have used it a lot in the almost year I have owned it! In the starter kit you get everything you will need to create the perfect 'at home' Gel Manicure (including the LED Lamp). I got the two colours 'Moroccan Rouge and Gold Glitter) which was very fitting for the Christmas month. 

Since then, I have collected a few of the polishes and have loved them all!
Sensationail claim that their Gel Manicures should last for up to two weeks. I find that mine last for about a week to a week and a half which is still brilliant and definitely a step up from average polish that would chip after a days wear! They are lovely and shiny and after a little practice, look professional for a fraction of the price of going to get Gels done at the salon every couple of weeks!

Sensationail Gel Colour- Moroccan Rouge
Sensationail Gel Colour- Mauve Maven

Abbie x


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