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Thursday, 15 September 2016


I recently got some photos printed at boots as it had just been a busy few months of holidays and my 21st birthday. I wanted to start sticking pictures that were of memorable times into a pretty scrapbook as I did one a few years back after a trip to New York. I've always loved the idea of having photos to hold and see in the flesh rather than on a phone, camera or laptop. I know there's such thing as the Icloud now, but when I have my own family, I'd love to show them all the pictures from my years growing up and all my happy memories and what's to guarantee that something might go wrong with all this technology we have now and all our photos would be gone.

After getting these printed, I saw another beauty blogger upload a picture to Instagram of their new polaroid style pictures from a site called LALALAB. I much preferred how these looked and the quality of them looked super good. The ones I had printed in boots were a little dark and the colours were a bit strange. Anyway, she had included a code which entitled me to £5 credit. The vintage style prints are £0.29p per photo so I got a fair few for the £5 credit. Once I started looking through my camera roll, I couldn't stop adding more and more pictures because I came across so many that made me smile and think back to happy memories. I ended up going slightly over the £5 credit but that was fine as I got lots of photos and only spent about £3 of my own money.

You can get all kinds of gifts and different style prints on LALALAB which is amazing as they do canvases, posters, collages and other little bits that would make beautiful gifts. They are very reasonably priced and from all of the pictures and reviews i've seen from other users that have ordered things like canvases, all their prints are amazing quality for the money you pay.

Overall, the app and website were both really easy to use and the delivery time was pretty quick. I will definitely be using LALALAB again and ordering more photos because they are amazing and I am so happy with how they have turned out!

Abbie x

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