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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Wunderbrow Review

I have never really had great brows. I went through the awful few years of overplucking (I think we've all been there in our early teen years-cringe!) and it took a long time for my brows to grow back full and natural looking. I guess it just shows how times change and that what is 'cool' changes all the time. It used to be all about the thin brows but in the recent few years celebs like Cara Delevingne influenced us all to grow out them brows as bushy as we can! I have got my brows in a good enough shape and thickness now but they will never be as full looking as I want them to be. I also have pretty light coloured brows so I have to fill them in hardcore for them to look half decent.

I discovered this product whilst browsing Amazon a few months ago and have used it lots since! I believe I purchased it for £19.95 (which is the price it is still at now). It is something that will last a long time and I know I will get many uses out of it for this pretty reasonable price. It comes with a tube of brow gel which contains a blend of hair like fibres and an extra wand to brush the fibres through your brows thoroughly. It is so simple to use once you get the hang of it. The first time I used it, I must admit was a little scary. I think the key to a good application is to always start with a tiny bit of product and build it up gradually to achieve the look you want and make sure you brush through your brows with the clean wand to distribute the product evenly.

I also like to use an angled brush to get a more precise application.

This product claims to 'last for days'- I would say it would only last for days if you didn't wash your face as thoroughly as I obviously do. I found that it would last two days but on the second day is definitely less noticeable that the first. I do really like this product overall as I don't have to fill in my brows as much when I have used this. It definitely makes my brows look much fuller and better shaped. However, in places where there is no hair, it won't stick as it just rubs off the skin. 

If you have light brows that perhaps don't match your hair colour or brows that are a little sparse and not as full as you'd like, I would definitely reccomend this product!

What is your No.1 favourite brow product?

Abbie x

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