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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Christmas Market- Weekend Away

This weekend, we decided to go away and visit some different Christmas Markets to get us in the festive spirit and it did just that! We decided to take a trip to Bristol, stay there for one night and then explore Bath the next day.
I had only been saying recently that I feel like I should visit more places in my country as I really haven't been to many of the well known cities apart from London and tend to stick to going back to the same places. I might make a list of all the places in England I'd like to visit next year and make an effort to tick them off! 

Bristol Christmas Market was right in the center by the shopping quarter. We did do quite a bit of Christmas shopping in the shopping center as the market wasn't huge and a lot of the stalls shut early. The first thing we looked for when we got to the Christmas Market was Currywurst as our local town's market didn't do it and many only do Bratwurst. We found some and it was like heaven (although nothing can beat a proper Currywurst from a market in Berlin). The market had a few nice stalls including a fudge pic n mix which we definitely couldn't miss out on! 
In the evening, we went to a restaurant called ZaZa Bazzare which is basically a massive (and I mean masssssssive!!) all you can eat buffet with lots of different stations including a nacho station, european (pizza, pasta, cottage pie etc), Asian station and so on! It was great and we definitely ate far too much! 

There's something about old towns that just make me feel happy. The drive into Bath was stunning. Some parts were pretty high up on hills so the view around us was so clear and you could see so much. When we got there, we hit the Christmas market (after I made an 'accidental' purchase in Mac hehe) and kept warm with hot Apple and Cinnamon drinks, Mulled Wine and Roasted Chestnuts. The market here was huge and extremely busy but it was a little more festive and picturesque than Bristol. It's just nice to go somewhere where everyone is in good spirits and also supporting local small businesses! 

It was a lovely weekend, and although very busy, a much needed break! I would definitely like to go back to both Bristol and Bath and explore more when we have more time. 

What is the best Christmas Market you have visited?

Abbie x


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