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Monday, 29 August 2016

Afternoon tea at the dorchester

Back in June, I turned 21. I booked the day off work as I always do (who wants to be working on their birthday?!). I didn't really have much in mind to do on my actual birthday, so I sort of left it down to my fiance.
About a month before, he told me he had something in mind but it was up to me if I wanted it to be a surprise. Me being me wanted to know as im not great with surprises. He then told me he'd booked for us to have afternoon tea in London but wouldn't tell me where. I was obviously very happy with his decision as afternoon tea is one of those typical British things to do and I had always dreamed of having a really posh one!

He definitely did just that! When we turned up outside the Dorchester my birthday went from being great to the best day ever! I didn't manage to get a picture of the stunning reception area and lobby as I was too busy feeling like I was in a dream!

I must admit, I did feel very out of place at first and was worried I'd have a clumsy moment and break something or spill jam and tea all over me!
The staff were absolutely amazing and so friendly. Our waitress was so hardworking and nothing was too much to ask. I quickly felt totally relaxed as we sat and enjoyed the most delicious variety of finger sandwiches and the best tea we had ever tasted!

The waitress came round every so often to ask if we would like any more sandwiches before we moved onto the next course- scones and cakes! The scones were fresh out of the oven and still slightly warm and wrapped in a napkin to keep them warm and fresh.

When we were finished and could eat no more, they brought out a lovely little birthday cheesecake style cake for me! By this point we were so full from all the delicious food we had eaten, I could definitely not fit in any of the cake, so the waitress packed it up into a little box (along with a few scones we didn't quite have room for) so that we could take them away with us!

It really was the loveliest day and one that I will never forget! 

Abbie x


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